Life From Eh To Zed Podcast News

Episode 16 Drops 3-23-2021

3/22/2021 - We're back!!! Episode 16 drops on Tuesday, so be sure to check it out. It's a little bit pure randomness, mixed with some clownery, with a pinch of WTF sprinkled in. Regardless, we are back at microphones and do we every have some stories to tell. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we get back on track and upload new episodes weekly.

Official mascot of the podcast

2/13/2021 - Today our official "Life From Eh To Zed" mascot made her Facebook debut. She's cute, she's cuddly...she wants you to listen to Mommy and Daddy's podcast!

Also today, we launched our new website...the one you are looking at right now! We will update this frequently, so be sure to check back here for what's new for the show and in our lives.

Need ideas for Valentine's day plans? Listen to our latest episode to hear about our Valentine's days of the the past. Tune in next Wednesday for our 2021 Valentine's Day review.