About Life From Eh To Zed Podcast

Shawn and Kelly aren't your typical couple. They live in separate countries, but spend as much time together as they possibly can. With 3 kids and two households, there are a lot of moving pieces to their marriage. But through patience and a devout love of one another, they manage to juggle all of the things life throws at them.

Shawn is from a small town in Ohio. He grew up on a farm and hasn't really experienced much big city living. His furthest venture out of his comfort zone was moving to Knoxville, TN for a work promotion. He stayed there for a year, only to leave for another promotion that took him all over the eastern part of the US, traveling for work purposes. Travel wasn't a part of his life until recently. Inevitably, the work travel would prepare him for travel between Canada and the US.

Kelly grew up in a larger town in Ontario, Canada. Throughout her life, she experienced many things across the US and Canada. Her family was into the sport of drag racing, so her travels with the race team took her many places. Ironically, it would be the mutual love of drag racing that would bring her and Shawn together. Kelly has traditionally lived in larger cites with lots of bustling activity abounding. So it was quite a shock to her when her first visit to Ohio yielded a photo opportunity when they encountered a cow laying (alive) in the middle of the road when they pulled out of Shawn's driveway. This is a normal occurrence, by the way. Kelly is a career and family woman, wearing many hats in the never ending demand of the household.

Their pasts couldn't have been more different, but when they met, it was love at first sight. Now, they have a bright future together and a wonderful family to raise. The arrival of their baby girl in April of 2020 was another milestone that they had accomplished together. In such a short time, they have done so many fun and interesting things. Their story is truly one of love and determination. On the podcast, they describe how they've gotten to where they are today, reminisce about the "old times", and keep you abreast of their lives in the present....and future.

So tune into the podcast and join their journey of life. You're sure to be entertained.