Life From Eh To Zed Podcast

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American.....Canadian. Small Town Boy.....Big City Girl. Sounds like a song, right?! Actually, its the story of our lives. When we meet at the most unlikely of places back in 2018, it was love at first sight. Two people, separated by hundreds of miles and an international border, fell in love one weekend and have been together ever since. We are just like any other couple. We've had our fair share of good and bad times...and some interesting times too, but we've always remained strong and love each other more each day. This podcast chronicles our lives since that fateful day and follows our journey of courtship, marriage, and having a baby together. We talk about the fun things we've done, our families, the trial and tribulations of having a long, long distance marriage, complications due to COVID, differences between our two countries and much much more. We like to cut up and have some fun as well; taste some beers, play some games and just flat out get goofy with each other. We've certainly have experienced a lot in the past few years, but one things for's been a great ride! Come along with us for the journey and follow our lives from Eh to Zed!